Survey of New York State GIS/Geospatial Industry

I am in the process of gathering data via an online survey (SurveyMonkey) focusing on the GIS/Geospatial industry in New York State. Information and data collected will be summarized and presented in a future post of this blog, as well as hopefully starting the discussion in a broader context within the statewide GIS community on the 2014 GIS/Geospatial business landscape. Government sponsored GIS programs are struggling with funding often being reduced or even eliminated, the mobile/smartphone and Cloud environments appear to present great promise (really?), and the broad GIS/Geospatial business community seems to be working longer and harder for less money. Where is it all heading? What does the GIS/Geospatial business community have to say? What needs to be changed, if at all?

In addition to gathering data from traditional GIS/geospatial service providers, new start-up companies in the mobile/smartphone and social media environment supporting GIS/geospatial applications are also encouraged to participate. I am also interested in hearing from GIS/geospatial companies supporting the health and human services, public safety, retail and banking, and communication industries. I am casting a broad net in attempting to reach and make contact with GIS/Geospatial business community (listservs, user groups, business contacts, etc.) – if you know of a firm doing GIS/Geospatial business in New York State – please feel to pass along information about the survey.

If your firm is interested in participating in the survey, please respond to and a link to the online survey will be emailed back to you. It is a short survey which should take about 15-minutes to complete.


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