Focus on New York State Geospatial Businesses

Along with general observations and comments on the state of geospatial technologies in the Empire State, including occasional posts associated with the Blue Highways of GIS series, eSpatiallyNewYork introduces a new column:  Geospatial Business Spotlight.

Posts in the column will not only focus on long-time Empire State GIS service providers and consultants but will also include the new generation of geospatial businesses and start-ups in the  mobile, Cloud, research and development (R&D), and   Open Source  spaces.   While the growth of business GIS applications is apparent in many existing private sector markets (e.g., real estate, banking, retail, insurance, telecommunications, market research) – whose growth continues to be augmented by expanding mobile technology and location analytics –  many of the same business GIS solutions will be adopted by government programs as public funding for geospatial programs continues to be limited.  Regardless of either old or new – all companies highlighted will be ones making significant contributions to the growth and development of geospatial technologies across the Empire State. Continue reading